About ‘Izzett’

  Not your average football blog…


..nevertheless, if Manchester City is your team you might find a home among the denizens of Izzett, a sparky, quirky bunch of Renaissance people who are prepared to discourse on and debate such topics as ‘Is there life after death?’, ‘Where’s the best food to be found near any football ground?’, ‘Why extreme potholing is only for wimps’, ‘Did Virgil Tracy sleep with Lady Penelope?’, etc, etc whenever there’s a quiet day on the ‘News Now..’ front. If you find all this heavy intellectual stuff a bit daunting, you can just browse. 

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Blue Movies

Sorry, guys, if it’s not what you were looking for.


News of Izzett events and socials. Nothing as yet apart from the odd pint on match days but if we ever get drawn in Europe against Hapoel Haifa watch this space!


Technical notes and questions.

In the beginning…

The story of Izzett as told by Alphonso Boracic, one of our founder members.

Izzett Magna

Our photo page (make of it what you will). The virtual history of Izzett in pictures.

The Gale & Porter

The virtual pub where Izzeters virtually gather for a quiet pint and a natter about events of the day 

The Snug

A home away from home for the Izzett regulars whose biogs (real or imagined) you’ll find here.

Uwe Rosler’s Grandad (a Good Idea)

Our discussion pages, 25 comments to a page, archived every 400 or so comments. The highest ‘Mark’ is the current one where you should post.

So, it’s ‘Whatever you fancy’. Do explore the site. Start by clicking any page in the heading above.

This page is dedicated to the late Dr. Jason John Bright Matthews (Jase). City fan, Izzeter, brother of CBG and brother-in-law of Buggsy and all-round good guy. Semper Fidelis.