Uwe Rosler’s Grandad MK VII

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  1. The Repubik of Mancuntia are citing the Jonners Major incident as more evidence as to why we are not a massive club.

  2. Quite so Alph. It’s all about proportionate response. It reminds me of the statement given by one of the SAS troopers involved in Operation Flavius in ’88. You may recall the incident in Gibraltar when some innocent Irish holidaymakers fell foul of Heavy Handed of Hereford and his mates. The anonymous squadie was asked why he had emptied 28 rounds into one of the victims. Came the reply ” ’cause I ran out of ammo”.

    Vodkas and VCs all round I think.

    I remain


  3. A silly boy with too much money and time on his hands.
    I can’t see him being charged with anything other than failing to do a proper job on the Rag.

    “Small cut on his face indeed!”

    Even in retirement the Trained Killer would have torn off the Rag’s fingers at the armpits and beat the offending songster to pulp with the soggy ends.


  4. Val, re M Jonners.
    Can’t Barry ask Gerrard for the name of his Lawyer?
    Job done…. the Rag will end up paying damages and doing time.
    In the case of a head butt… who’s to say who butted whom?
    All eyewitnesses would be unreliable as they are either biased or had been drinking.
    Only the Staff would be credible and most bouncers have records as long as Joey Bartons anyway.
    Case dismissed. Wink

  5. I think it’s more a matter of ‘everything has a time and a place’ Alph. The current iteration of MCFC has no place for a player like Robbers. There is such a hightened sense of expectation amongst us all that despite everything I said about joyous football and crowd pleasing spectatcle we’d all settle for a turgid 1-0er against Stoke if the 3 points were the differnce between 4th and 5th.

    The number of times I’ve screamed at some sublime step over or cheeky flick that loses us possession when the sensible ball was the 5 yard lay off into space says it all.
    At present I’d take a fully fit, top of his game Jonners MkI (nocturnal proclivities notwithstanding) over Robbers and any number of the Sergio Mendes line up. If the Don can find that mythical box to box beast to line up between DJ and Bazzer I believe it will be the difference between a scrambled 4th and a serious challenge for top 2 next term.

    I remain


  6. Of the Brazzers on show last night I’d take Maicon and Dani Alves to slip into the current City side nicely, assuming Kakkers is still out of the question.

    Robbers is indeed wonderful when he’s on song. I don’t think he’s as good as was Kinkladze though.

    Watched the highlights of the Carly – including one small vignette,  a clear-cut classic example of why Yosser sold Richard Dunne. He waltzes up the left wing with the ball – wtf was he doing there? – then gives it away. Rags hare forward and score, although Dunny did almost get back.

    Looks like we can write Jonners Major out of the equasion. Apparently he’s nutted some Rag in a night club.

  7. Robinho was very good last night.
    He makes things happen that nobody else can. It doesn’t always come off but when it does it changes games.
    He doesn’t track back much; neither did Pele, Matt le Tissier or Kinkladze, and I’d find room for one of them in the side, wouldn’t you? 
    Every great side has room for at least one player of that nature, a renegade of sorts, a Maradonna, a  Best,  a player who can break the rules of the normal and change games by being special. These players are often flawed in other ways but heck, you can’t have it all. Robinho is still a boy, a very talented one, he isn’t perfect, but the Brazil national team has more talent than there is at City and they’ve played together as a unit which has developed over decades. Of course they have a better understanding of one another than the recently assembled and (compared to Brazil) inferior City squad. 

    I’d love Robbie to have a great WC and to come back to a City in the CL next season with a few key improvements to the squad.

    It won’t happen but that too is life!


  8. Pretty fair assessment Bellers, but what an absolute joy to watch when they’re humming.  I did the ‘compare and contrast’ with their back 4 and the way they move it amongst themselves compared with the city version of late. They play with no fear or inhibition and both of their CBs were able to thread accurate and direct passes 20 yards forwards to the CMF without ever troubling their own keeper with a rushed back pass. It actually puts you in a good mood watching them and I guess in it’s purest sense that’s precisely what it’s all about.

    But would I want to see Robbers back in the side at the expense of Bedlers, Carlito or SWP? No thank you.

    I remain


  9. I paid special attention to Robinho last night.
    I thought he played for Brazil just as he played for us this season.
    The difference is that his countrymen played to his strengths and allowed for his weaknesses. Plus he got lucky.
    The first goal for example.
    He made a superb run.
    Would any City player have seen it and if so would they have played him in so well?
    He was offside though, and for City it would have been flagged.
    Then he hits a poorly directed cross. Against City the defender would leave the ‘keeper to clear up. Against Brazil he panics and O.G’s.
    Later in the game, Rob drifted around, not tracking back much and shunning every opportunity to tackle.  
    He hit a few hopeful shots either at the ‘Keeper or over the bar. Missed a bit of a sitter and went offside for what should have been a tap in.
    By then at City the unrest amongst his fans (and team) would have led to him being hoiked off for Bedlamy or Petrov. Not what you expect from a £M30 player.
    So he would not have been there to score that sublime second.
    Even if he had been there, could City have crafted that goal? Even if we had, that crucial little deflection that set the ball up for him would doubtless have gone somewhere else.
    End result, for Brazil he is the match winning hero, for City a waste of money.
    Even the commentators treated him differently… much more reverential and very little sign of scornful reproach.

  10. It looks quite promising to me.
    We have the position where if we will all of our remaining games we cant fail to qualify, all the others need us to drop points. Of course everyone will drop points but you get my drift; if we do at least as well as everyone else we are made up.
    OK, we still blow hot and cold but our home form is very good, getting results even when we haven’t been at our best and our away performances are improving quickly IMV.
    I suspect that Pool have the easiest run in but then define ‘easiest’! It would be a blow for the competitiveness of English football if Pool were to stagger into 4th at the expense of Villa, a side that has grown organically and sensibly and has a great manager, or us, a great club that really needs to prove to all and sundry that however long it takes, all fans can hold to the dream.

    Oh, and I can’t stand Spurs or His Twitchiness   Sir ‘Arry o’ th’ Barra,  I’d rather have Pool!


  11. Calgers

    The Wigan Tickets are now available.
    I’ve ratained refusal on 2x aisle tickets on Row N in the corner between the North and East stands, until next Monday, not far from us on the 1st level. Your pal will need to be able to manage a few steps and will have pretty easy access. I’ve got car parking and a buggy lift from the car park to the entrance. Can he manage a turnstile? If not I’ll sort a gate entry. If you prefer a wheechair position I can arrange it but need to know soonest.
    If it’s a yes for the reserved tickets I will close the deal and pay and you can sort me out when you’re over here. If you want to change the arrangements set out what you need and I’ll get on the job.
    Looking forward to hooking up again.
    Saintly sends hers Smile


  12. Blend we cant be winning the league yet, we are still a work in progress mate. LOL

  13. Well obviously, over the course of a season, everyone is going to drop some unexpected points. We have just done it a bit too often.
    Even so, 11 more wins will give us 82 points… that will do (as they used to say in the American Express ads) nicely.Grin

  14. Just imagine what a season it would have been had all those draws and losses been wins… Rolls Eyes

  15. If them draws had been wins, can you imagine the expectation from the trainer shop and deansgate central Rolls Eyes
    It’s already bad enough.

  16. Not just hard to beat.
    We have also beaten Chelsea twice, Arsenal twice and Utd so far this season.
    If we can now beat Utd and Arsenal again as well as Villa and Spurs it could end up a very pleasant season indeed.
    As you say some of those draws will doubtless haunt us.

  17. pity about the draws.  I  see we’ve lost fewer games than anyone else. C an it be true? City – the most difficult team to beat in the league, surely not

  18. Berko, not sure about the rescheduled games. All i know is it makes a right old mess of ones team selection.

    Blend, close but no cigar mate, my lead may be fragile but it’s growing, for the moment at least.

    Who was it who had Tevez, Lampard and Fabregas in their squad but made Drogba captain? That had to hurt.

  19. The Fulham boys saved my skin in FF. I think I only ended up a few points shy of bellers, which considering you had Fab as your captain was not too shabby imo.
    Next week will be interesting. Spurs, City, Chelsea and Fulham all not playing. Will eb interesting to see how many subs are made Smile


  20. Bellers, have the postponed games been re-scheduled? I’ve looked at the fixtures and can’t seem to find the 2 outstanding games having been included.

    I remain


  21. Earlier in the Season we seemed to agree that a return of 72-75 points was a good target.
    Despite the unexpected 3 at the Bridge we would now need 23 from 11 games to make 72.
    That’s just over 2 per game, our season average is 1.8.
    It’s going to be tight but then we always knew it would be.

  22. FF was surprisingly kind to me this week. Better than i expected.
    League leader Bellette fell foul of some strange selections by Prem managers and some over zealous reffing.
    She is now back withing striking distance.
    Last time that happened she rapidly strethched the lead back to 50 plus points. I expect a similar response this time.
    In the other league we are in i have clawed my way back up to 3rd a mere 57 behind the leader.

  23. I threw 20 points way last week by having a wholesale clearout, but it seems to have worked. My problem is that if I forget to look at the weekend or in the evening I’m snookered due to the sonic wall and an IT man who is a part time free copper.Mad

  24. Speaking of Fanta, Ron Knee, despite a scintillating 75 points (slightly marred by Manners getting 71, so not much gain there) has put himself in the directors’  gun sights once more – he now has a squad where 6 players aren’t playing in the next game week.

    Anyone got a spare wild card?

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