Uwe Rosler’s Grandad Mk XXII

Manchester United are bracing themselves for a new supporter backlash after their latest accounts revealed they lost £71million to financial obligations imposed by owners the Glazers over the last nine months.

While neighbours Manchester City have been taking the Barclays Premier League trophy from them and signing players like Sergio Aguero and Yaya Toure in recent times, figures released on Thursday showed much of the Old Trafford revenue has been lost to interest payments and bond buybacks.

Money matters: Manchester United’s net debt has risen by £26m

Put in simple terms, the money lost as United try to service debt levels that still stand at more than £420m is equivalent to £250,000 a day.

On Thursday night United supporters were aghast as the ongoing financial issues surrounding the Glazers’ ownership became clear – days after the club’s chief executive David Gill admitted they cannot compete with City in terms of player salaries.

Shame, innit? 

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  1. Mancini in stand at The Swamp. Denis Suarez just in front of him.

  2. I am proud of the Saintly Mrs Alph!

    She decided to buy a new swimming costume today and came back without one.

    “Why?” I enquired? “Didn’t they have one your size?” Now that seemed a reasonable question as she is most unfussy when it comes to these fashion things.

    “Oh it wasn’t that” exclaimed the old darling, “they had one my size but I couldn’t buy it.”

    “Why not?” I enquired a little puzzled.

    “It was red” she explained, “and as I told the sales lad, I’m a City supporter and the only red sportswear I wear is my Wales rugby shirt! I wouldn’t be seen dead in a red swimming costume!”

    Apparently the poor lad couldn’t get his head round an old duck like the Saintly expressing those sentiments!!

    Bless her Smile


  3. That’s the record gold. Team Dressage.
    More gold won while sitting down.
    If only you could swim while in a chair we’d be challenging the Chinese.

  4. Spent a very happy few hours yesterday re-watching the QPR game. Still get a tingle down my spine seeing the game. Macca was the match analyst and he was so animated he actually lost his voice – now there’s an unexpected bonus! He did however, before he completely lost it, say he’d never in his life seen such a fantastic game – rare praise I guess.

    Just putting in a few hours before heading off to the airport for our two week trip back to blighty. Really looking forward to it – has the weather improved any? All I keep hearing is how naff the summer has been.

    Anybody got any thoughts on Sunday’s game. I see we are favourites but not sure how much that counts.

  5. berkozboy:
    Which version of The Killing Valers, the original or the yank remake?


    Alas, it’s in Yankspeak. I got Killing 2 in the orginal language (Hurtermerterfrlirter?) but missed Killing 1. In the Septic version her cardigan doesn’t look remotely hand-knitted, shame on them.

    That said, it’s pretty good drama.

  6. Today should be the day we surpass our previous best ever Olympic medal haul.
    We need a couple more golds and have good chances in the mens triathlon and 3 events in the Velodrome, there are a few other possibles too. Dressage, sailing… stuff like that.
    Once again we rule the world at sports where you sit down. I thiink the BBC said that if GB’s cycling team were competing on their own, they’d be 10th in the medal table.

    I am happy to admit my surprise and delight.
    I’d rather expected it to come across as a bit naff. Kind of rough around the edges and cheap looking, compared to previous Olypiads. Anyone who remembers the GB hosted heats of Jeux sans frontiers will know what I mean.
    The previous week would be a spectacular night event on the costa del Sol or in the Swiss alps. Then there would be a wet afternoon on Blackpool beach with equipment recyled from the domestic events. All a bit depressing…. very much the poor relation.
    But not a bit of it, all the venues have been excellent and most of the performances by our boys and girls have been good enough or, fairly often, blindingly good.
    Yes it probably cost more than we are led to believe and it probably won’t recoup the amount hoped for due to the state of the economy but it’s been a good games so far and more success to come should make it our best ever by some margin.

    Come on the Brownlees.

  7. Dunno who the Bet Lynch lookalike is who’s doing a Lawro on the Septics v Canucks footy game but she’s deffo from the Jack Charlton/Mick McCarthy “Pu’ ‘em under presher” school. (Yes, yes yes!!!!! Canada 2-1 as I write) “Grea’ lickle ball in, just invitin’ a goal” sez yer woman.
    Wow! Fantastic goal for the Septics, 2-2. Can we swop Santa Crutch for Megan Rapinoe???
    Woaaaaaaaaahhh!!! Hat trick for Christine Snclair for Canada, 3-2. Get Wayner into a skirt pronto and get Marwood out there to negotiate. Wayner + 3 academy kids for their ace (143 goal) striker.
    Canuck keeper looks dodgy. Just given away an indirect free inside the box.
    Jesus!!! Unbelievable, Alph!!!!!!!!! Really dodgy penalty decision, Howard Webb with tits. No, it’s a guy i think. No sorry it’s a dyk…. sorry, bird. Howard Webb with hair. Who’s the bastard in the black? 3-3
    Blatant dive by a Septic. Unpunished.
    Whoooooahhhh!!! Nearly 4-3 to the Chindits, sorry Canucks.
    Whooooooooahh!!! dodgy decision gives Septics a corner. She really is Howard Webb. Canada clear.
    Extra time. Unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now for Episode 4 of The Killing on Netflix.

  8. bell boy:

    Would it be racist to throw an orange… perhaps if you threw one at Wes Brown!
    Are there any other offensive fruits we should be on the look out for ?
    Pink Grapefruit could be homophobic, I suppose, but then surely any “fruit” could be in that case.

    What about pomegranates? Say, if an Aussie threw one at a Brit?

  9. Clichy has tweeted that a banana was thrown onto the pitch at the game.
    I have no time for racists and understand how the banana has come to be seen as a racist slur but it does strike me as a bit of a rum do, when you could be prosecuted for a race crime for thorwing a banana but only get done for littering, for throwing a different fruit. I feel it’s dodgy ground we are on here. Could we at some future point be arrested for carrying a banana ? Intent to be racist ?
    Would it be racist to throw an orange… perhaps if you threw one at Wes Brown!
    Are there any other offensive fruits we should be on the look out for ?
    Pink Grapefruit could be homophobic, I suppose, but then surely any “fruit” could be in that case.

    I guess it all goes to intent, it’s not the banana itself, it’s the message it sends.
    Surely we should be equally concerned with the health and safety aspect.
    Anyone who ever read the Beano or Dandy knows Banana skins are akin to death traps… someone always steps on it and they always fall over…. it’s kind of a law in comicdom. Gravtity need not apply but the the 1st law of slapstick “any banana skin on the ground will result in soneone stepping on it and falling over” is sacrosanct .

    I suppose any mention of something City were once famous for… giant inflatible bananas, would be considered blowing things up out of proportion….. I know where my coat is… i’ll be off as soon as find my scarf.

  10. Was just about to say the same thing myself Alph, not sure which is better us invading mars or Santa being compared to a rotten ox.


    On the mars theme

    JOURNALIST: Next morning, a crowd gathered on the Common,
    hypnotized by the unscrewing of the cylinder. Two feet of shining screw projected
    when, suddenly, the lid fell off!

    Two luminous disc-like eyes appeared above the rim. A huge, rounded bulk, larger than a bear, rose up slowly, glistening like wet leather.
    Its lipless mouth quivered and slavered –
    and snake-like tentacles writhed as the clumsy body heaved and pulsated.

    I didnt realise NASA had recruited Mr Rooney.


  11. That’s two big smiles I’ve got from Izzett this morning.
    Nice report Valers

    Smile Smile Smile


  12. bell boy:
    So it begins… a nuclear powered robot equiped with a death ray has landed on another planet.
    H.G. Wells almost got it right… he just never figured we’d be invading Mars and not the other way around.

    Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile Smile


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