Uwe Rosler’s Grandad MkXXIII


GOALKEEPERS Joe Hart  Costel Pantilimon  Gunnar Nielsen Eirik Johansen, Richard Wright

DEFENDERS Micah Richards  Vincent Kompany  Pablo Zabaleta Joleon Lescott  Matija Nastajic  Douglas Maicon   Aleksandar Kolarov  Gael Clichy   Kolo Toure  Karim Rekik  Reece Wabara  Jeremy Helan  Dedryk Boyata (on loan)

MIDFIELDERS  James Milner  Jack Rodwell  Gareth Barry  Samir Nasri  David Silva  Denis Suarez  Yaya Toure  Scott Sinclair  Javi Garcia   Abdul Razak

FORWARDS  Edin Dzeko Sergio Aguero  Carlos Tevez  Mario Balotelli  John Guidetti Luca Scapuzzi

614 thoughts on “Uwe Rosler’s Grandad MkXXIII

  1. I’ve just checked out the injuries situation for tomorrow and can report that Richards, Garcia and Maicon are fit for selection but Silva and Rodwell will be out of the reckoning. In addition, Barry, Sinclair, Tevez & Nasri have not played a competitive game for 2 weeks but have been in full contact training and Yaya hasn’t played since last week and returned to Carrington Monday.

    For WBA, Mulumbu, Ridgewell and Lukaku should be fit but they will probably be missing Thomas, Jones, Brunt, Myhill & Reid.

    I’d update to the following:

    Maicon, Richards, Kompany, Clichy
    ..Sinclair ……..Yaya………Nasri,

    Panti, Zaba, Nasti, Kolarov, Milner, Dzeko, Balotelli

    With the travel and the games played I’d rest as many as possible without weakening the team and I’m assuming that Kompo is fit enough to handle the volume of games. If not Nasti should start but I’d worry a bit about that. Hart must play, but I’d certainly want to rest the England and Argentine lads.
    Games now come thick and fast, 2 per week starting Saturday with Ajax away having particular importance after the lost points v RM & Dortmund. Then we have a series of games’ all of which are eminently winnable’ with Wham away and Spurs, Swans and Villa at home, before we go to the Bridge for a (hopefully) table top showdown.


  2. Balfers old son, Valers is a busy, busy man!
    I expect he is on the Steppes of Inner Mongolia checking out the Beichun and Tuo Xian harvest whilst quaffing the odd tankard or three of Manchurian Red.

    When he gets a moment he’ll update us on what a bitch his retirement is turning out to be Smile


  3. I wouldn’t say I enjoy it any less now, I used to hate it when we played poorly before.
    I believe that with the quality we have now, our expectations have to be higher.
    I’m sure yours are too.
    For example, had Pearce got us to a cup final or established into the top 10, that would be a job well done. Had Hughes won something and established us in Europe with the odd joust at the Champs league, also, pretty good. However things have taken a big step. We now would all be gutted at failing to qualify for the champs league and disappointed to end the season with no cups… all our expectations have risen.
    In my opinion, in order to match those expectations, mid table teams have to be beaten and therefore should not be considered as serious rivals.

    I don’t believe City have any God given right to win, my opinion is based solely on the quality of our squad.
    In any team sport, the team with the best players should win the most games. That’s the whole point of having the best players.
    I don’t see that as being City centric, when Chelsea and Utd were stronger, I didn’t expect a weaker City fo finish ahead of them, now we are stronger I do, although as stated previously, RVP may make that difficult.
    I’m not like Utd or some ‘Pool fans, who hold onto the belief that just by pulling on the shirt a player should become a winner.
    We do have the players, now is our time. In a few seasons, we may not have the best squad and then it will be someone elses turn, I accept that.

    By the way, I know what you meant about WBA and teamwork but they are about 7 games in to a new manager and new style (look how they parked the bus against us last season) that’s too early to compare them to a system developed over decades at Utd. The current City squad program is 2 years more advanced than WBA, so why should we expect them to have better teamwork ?

  4. bell boy:
    It just seems to me that now when we should be winning games people are afraid to say so for fear of jinxing it, or perhaps feeling let down if we should fail to win.

    I’m not picking on you Bellers Cool

    I believe we have stayed the same on this site at least, other sites are now in total melt down when we don’t win and this must seriously curtail any enjoyment they get from watching us play.
    Also I believe it is important not to become like them raggy fuckwits across the road and start to expect things, they are everything we have hated about football all through the barren years, there arrogance, dismissive attitude to other teams, they never deserve to lose a game even when the ref blatantly helps them over the line or a team as the temerity to outplay them, complete cunt behavior, so I ask you, why would we want to turn into them after 2 trophies ?

  5. bell boy: Re WBA, I think it’s a bit early to start comparing them to Utd.

    TBF I wasn’t comparing them man for man but as a unit, We are better than Utd man for man as seen in our games against them last season but in the end we beat an inferior team by goal difference.
    A unit is often better than a team of individual players, last season it looked like we had taken a big step to become both but we have looked nothing like that so far this season.

    If we take our eye off the ball a team like WBA will give us a hard time, if of course we play like we can do then it should be 5-0 but we could say that every week, is that going to realistically happen ? I would think not unfortunately.

  6. bell boy: so I expect us to win the majority of those games.

    Hence the reason you don’t enjoy our games as much as you once did mate.

  7. bell boy: Milner has come in for stick yet again as being limited , negative and the worst player Hodgson has picked “to do a job”

    It seems to be the same the whole world over bellers. The Milner’s of this world will always suffer this sort of numb brained denigration from the fans of clubs other than his own, much as Gareth Barry has for years. The Engurland fans long for a Gazza they want a tricksy dixie in the opposition half to love, a Norman ‘oonter in their own half to break a few Jonny foreigner legs and stir the blood. They don’t value the guys in the engine room that allow the Gazza’s of this world to play or keep the last ditch stuff down to a minimum so that 11 can stay on the park!

    James Milner does have on big advantage though when playing for his club. He is English. Just imagine how much stick he’d get week in week out at City from the dead heads if he was a Serbian like, for instance, Aleksandar Kolarov.


  8. berkozboy: 0-3 is my punt and with that the SS Mental Optimist sets sail.

    I remain


    I dunno bellers.
    T’ world’s full of bluedy pessimists these days innit Smile


  9. Steady there fellah ! I said expect us to win… a clean sheet away is asking a bit much Laugh

    Milner has come in for stick yet again as being limited , negative and the worst player Hodgson has picked “to do a job”
    Is all these people see a brisk jinky run followed by a wasted cross ? because that seems to be the contribution from his “more talented” rivals for his England place.

    He supplied a good ball for Welbeck, after winning it himself and sprinting 40 yards and he wipped in a near poster for Defoe that was well defended and put a dangerous ball across the six yard box that no-one got to.
    That’s as much as his rivals would do, rather better than Lennon did against San Marino. Plus he covers for Johnson… who is the one who is supposed to overlap and cross, is he not ? cos he aint picked for his defending.
    I guess it’s all about perception.

  10. The subject of managed expectation is timely given the latest outing of the national side. There is clearly a contractual dictum in place when the golf buddies sign up for the pundits’ chairs that defines the manner in which they can discuss the team’s perfromances on air. To be honest I half expected that barmcake-faced brummie Childs to break ranks and blurt out the question that we’d all love to ask; “Aside from the conditions and the pitch and the bounce and the ref and the injuries and the 36 hours delay and unfamiliar strip and the turquoise boots what has the England team ever done for us?”

    Oxelade-Chamberlain, Cleverley, Wellbeck, the new golden generation? Yer ‘avin’ a larf! There is so little technical capability on the field and even less innovative thinking from Woy and the west that a 1-1er against Poland is exactly where we are are in the world. Interestingly the Israeli press has been cock-a-hoop this week after their national side put a dozen past the Luxemburgers. They greeted the results with a mixture of well studied irony, some gentle self-effacement and an overall sense of delight at having achieved a level of sporting success unseen since Gilad Shalit got a bronze in the U21s 100m tunneling.

    Honestly I hate watching England but actually felt a bit sorry for Milner. He grafted his nads off up the line and after another 70m dash must have been wondering where Silva and Zabs were to make cunning overlaps and create neat triangles to help him out. Instead he gets Gerrard up his arse and 3 Poles for company. His service was still about the best we had.

    Personally I think we’ll whallop the Baggies and set ourselves up delightfully for a seriously good win vs. Ajax home and away. With Silva out I could imagine that the gaffer may go for width and height with Sinkers in for the ammo and Edin in for ‘eadin’.
    0-3 is my punt and with that the SS Mental Optimist sets sail.

    I remain


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