Uwe Rosler’s Grandad Mk XXXV

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  1. Alphonso: Berko my dear old chaps, may I humbly suggest that Peppers sees Sanchez as striker who runs at defenders and beats them. When he’s not scoring himself,

    I get all that Alph and on current form Jesus and Sergio need a fair few chances before they bury one so augmenting their potency is worthwhile, but at whose expense? As I mentioned, we seem already to be marginalizing, or at least heavily rotating our more penetrative weapons in Sane and Sterling in favour of a packed midfield of artistic directors who need to consistently identify the eyes of needles in order to thread their twine and succeed with the stitch up. Why have we turned back from the most successful element of the initial game plan?

    I remain (perplexed)



  2. On the Sanchez thing I am entirely with Berko. The evidence so far is that Pep, rather than employing rotation in the conventional sense, has evolved a sort of two-tier game strategy not unlike the biblical battle . The 200 passes in the boondocks of the box is the equivalent of the ‘flourish the trumpets/march round the walls, men’ before the siege engines are wheeled out to knock seven bells out of the city. To use a more modern metaphor, “reverse blitzkrieg”.
    The signing of Sanchez really only makes sense if, say, we sell Sterling and Sterling is, what, 22? Sanchez is, I think, 28. If we don’t sell it’s just one more highly paid star dreaming about last night’s shag until the 60th minute arrives.
    It may well work, so maybe let’s not knock it until its been tried. I foresee a string of late victories until we lose 0-1 against Maureen’s Rags or whatever team Crouch is playing for at the time.

    Re Johnny Evans, this is a wind, surely? The Daily Repatriator’s malevolently fertile imagination once more. I know, as the legend goes, Fergie wept into his breakfast glass of Leoville-Poyferré when Louis Van Gob flogged him but unless he’s improved radically since he left OT…. he’s 29, is going to cost us probs £25 megalarge. Okay, he’s homegrown, I suppose. But, no.


  3. berkozboy: I am happy to be convinced by the more tactically astute or Alph..


    Berko my dear old chaps, may I humbly suggest that Peppers sees Sanchez as striker who runs at defenders and beats them. When he’s not scoring himself, (he has a great eye for goals), he assists others to do so and doesn’t shirk in the action areas anywhere on the park. His loss to the Arse is probably another consideration, and one well worth £50m, which City can afford and Arse can’t. Smile



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