Uwe Rosler’s Grandad (a Good Idea) Mk VI

Named for two City legends, the German striker, a cult figure among fans; and his aviator grossvater.

This is Izzett’s discussion page where every facet of Manchester City is intensely debated.  Along with allied topics including life-after-death; science fiction; music; wine and gastronomy; existential philosophy, Stingray pyjamas and… hush… covert operations.

404 thoughts on “Uwe Rosler’s Grandad (a Good Idea) Mk VI

  1. Mon Cher Capitaine,

    I’ll sort out a biog for the snug when I’ve got my head a little bit more inspired than it is at the mo.

    I now see that we have over 400 miles on the clock, so shouldn’t we trade in the trusty old Mark VI for the new and improved mark VII with the double overhead camshafts, independent front suspension and genuine leatherette seats?


  2. Ball is well regarded and should be fit gain soon. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Alex Nimely brought through, he’s a Sturridge type of player, very accomplished, likes the ball at his feet and has a wicked strike. A bit prone to try and do too much and run the same tricks too often which will get caught out at a higher level but he has alot of promise.

    Caicedo bombed big time at Sporting Lisbon and has been moved on to the Spanish league. I suspect that he’s one of those players who will get goals at Chapionship level or like Samaras, in Scotland, but hasn’t got enough to make it at the top Euro Leagues.
    Bodger is doing very well thank you but his deal is not one we can pull him back from. Who’d want Jo anyway? I suspect that we will be playing one or two from Bedlars, Tev, Emu and Santa and that as we want to get the numbers down anyway, it made sense to get without someone we don’t want and someone else does!!


  3. Only ten portraits on The Snug so far (and three of those are me, Admin and Mick Travis). More effort ladies and gentlemen please or tankards will have to be removed to the Public where you will have to jostle for your pint with the hoi polloi.

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