The Snug

Cosy back bar of The G & P where the old codgers lorry down their pints of ‘Berko’s Non Specific’ and ‘The Usual’ and play dominoes and cribbage while the young ‘uns squabble over darts, skittles and bar billiards in the adjacent Games Room.

Buy one of the old guys a pint he’ll tell you his life story – ripping tales of covert operations against the Geordie hordes; hair-raising stories of the overland run to Haifa in a decrepit VW bus, all for the sake of a bagful of falafels, etc, etc.

To save you being bored out of your tree there are potted versions here.


17 thoughts on “The Snug

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  3. An old codger here- cannot remember when I joined – I have had quite a few pints in the snug. When did I start supporting City? – 1954 – lost a home game vs. Preston 1-4 – 43,000 crowd. Still keep coming. Had 2 Uncles who said they had been to City games – The older one said he was there – 84,569 – couldn’t see a thing. I remember sitting in front of me grans telly in 1955 watching City get beat 3-1 by Newcastle – had an old wooden rattle and a Blue and White strip of blanket , round my neck. 1956 City win the cup.One memory was 1958 when Bolton played Blackburn at Maine Road in the Semi-Final. City as hosts had 25,000 tickets – Stood to the left of Main stand – bags of room around me – but looking over to the Kippax it was a sea of pink faces – jammed packed – 74,893 attendance. Into the 1960′s – Mercer + Alison era. 1970′s and 1980′s – hooligans -. Promotions and relegations.. Last derby at Maine Road – Neville fed “the Goat” -3-1 City.
    Went to a couple of events at the Commonwealth Games 2002. Then City moved there in 2003.
    The Sheik arrived and City became labelled “Moneybags”. Cup win and Title 2012. Great times to be a City fan.
    Still have great memories of Maine Road Stadium.


  4. Stumbled on this place many years ago when it was on the old Blueview site (before it and all of the Rivals sites vanished down the chute). I became a City fan while living in Scotland as it was the team my Dad followed and it was either that or Burnley (the team all my Mum’s side of the family supported). There was no way I was going to be like the rest of the sad b*s*rds at school who supported one or other part of the Old Firm. As this was 1969 an easy choice really. Little did I know what I was letting myself in for! I came down to Manchester in 1979 and basically have been there ever since. My Dad’s family all came from Manchester, Newton Heath to be precise, while my Mum’s are all from Burnley and Nelson, so I regard myself as from Oop North. I started to watch City games in the flesh for the first time during Malcolm Allison’s catastrophic second spell as manager and from then on it was like a roller coaster, lots of ups and downs but basically downhill all the way. Strangely I got more dedicated as this went on! Since that memorable game against Gillingham it’s been a kind of reverse, lots of ups and downs again but a generally upward trajectory. As you can see I’m one of the site’s optimists Grin . Already looking forward to the next season. Onward and upward!


  5. Living in Adelaide with my husband (Bugsy) and daughter (Briony), grew up into a true blue family with older 2 brothers and a sister plus my twin brother, who frequents Izzett; it shouldn’t be too hard to work out who that is Smile
    Fell into Izzet at least a decade ago posting as Convent Blue Girl in a fairly successful attempt to get the sewer mouthed brain dead tendency to moderate to a level of near decency. They left, the rest of you stayed, I post infrequently and read regularly, most of you guys are like family, it’s probably best that we never meet then it might stay like that !   Smile


    Handsome, dashing, dapper, super-intelligent geezer with a great-grandma from Milano. Aggressive- yet-skillful, left-sided midfielder* with Queen of the South and AC Milan until he lost an eye in a duel.
    “Makes Roque Santa Cruz look like Neil Warnock” – Carla Bruni

    * the great-grandma was a right-footed sweeper.


  7. Wine writer, food writer, restaurant critic. Sometime copywriter, restaurateur, sailor, musician (own songs), lawyer, fishporter and gravedigger. Also failed screenwriter, unpublished novellist; master of disguise.

    This latter day Renaissance Man dwells in ‘Winesberry’, a picturesque roses-round-the-door thatched cottage sited in the churchyard of St.Eskil’s, Nether Izzett.

    Culinary consultant to the G&P.

    City supporter (third generation) since 1954.

    Can frequently be seen strolling to the Gale & Porter for his quaff of The Usual and a game of bar billiards, attired in naval uniform and carrying a large brass telescope.

    Listed in the Berko Brewery Book of Records as “World’s Oldest Juvenile Delinquent”

    See also


  8. Anarchist and good-natured scoundrel who got a bit lucky!

    Currently working as sous-chef to Valers and gofer to Admin.

    Shacked up in plush garret over stables of Nether Izzett Hall with Oenone Malvinas Fortescue, nubile younger daughter of Montague Piers Fortescue, XIIth Baron Izzett.


  9. Rear Admiral Bluegrass RN (Retd) reporting to the bar aka Phil. Inhabitant of Nether Izzet on the Southern fringes of Izzetshire

    Single but with 2 teenage kids who are both blues I’m glad to say and a romantic connection to a lovely lady who lives in Cork Ireland.

    City fan since the early sixties
    Enjoy good food and drink
    Eclectic taste in music but a huge Zappa fan (a genius)
    ” I’m a little pimp with my hair gassed back”


  10. Calgers aka, “Dave”, “Wilbur” and “oi, Gitface” by her good self when I’m in trouble. Moved to Calgary in ’95.
    Soul and jazz are musical preferences.
    Love good beer and am on a wine odyssey
    Food preferences mostly Mediterranean inspired (but also love a fierce Ruby)
    Old enough to remember the 60’s but not old enough to have got into trouble
    Favourite saying “Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana”
    City fan for nearly 50 years – still living in hope!


  11. Acting Returning Officer of the formerly rotten and subsequent to Tory boundry changes, wholly delightful borough of Izzet on the Green GENERAL LEVIATHAN BEDEVERE BERKO (Retd)

    Official spokesman for the semitic community of North Izzet, weekly columnist and compiler of the births, marriages and repatriations section of the Izzet Bugle, Deputy Grand Cyclops of the Izzet Moose Lodge, Revered Keeper of the Spare Stingray PJs, Bronze medalist in the 1983 Izzetshire Bloodaxe manhole hopper challenge.

    Least likely to be heard saying: ” I’ve just read a fascinating piece in the Guardian innit”.

    Most likely to be heard saying: ” Are those the veggie pork scratchings?”


  12. Private Balfers reporting for duty.

    I stumbled into Izett on the Wold 7/8 years ago (where does the time go?) in it’s very first format tucked away at the back of blueview, directed by a now long lost character called DJblue (fingers crossed that is right), I have strayed from the path the odd time swayed by the site of trainers and breasts but like the dogs old tennis ball , keep returning lol

    I have a lovely forgiving wife “Carol” and 3 great (cough, cough) kids all teenagers now.

    A City fan for 30+ years and never a trophy celebrate but hopefully this will be changing in the very near future.

    Alan signing out.


  13. JENSEN

    AKA: Jenners/Jensens Left Foot/JensensLeft or JLF, and because of this, is the proud official* Izzet World Record holder of the “Member with the most nicknames award”.

    Lives in Saddleworth (between hotel stays) with Mrs Jensen (21 ish), Bodger (7) and Badger (4). Bodger and Badger (real names Joe & Sam) are, by birth, fans of MCFC – just like Daddy. Season ticket holder (East Stand Level 2 block 209, so come up and see me sometime! The first Izzet member to find me will receive a cheque for £5,000**

    Favourite beverage: A nice Rioja
    Favourite food: Anything Italian
    Favourite comedian: Berko
    Favourite programme: Top Gear

    “Life is a great big canvas, and you should throw all the paint you can on it”

    *not official
    ** cheques will not be honoured


  14. Alphonso Boracic, aka Alphie Izzet, wed blissfully to the Saintly Mrs Alph, mother of Blenders and a passel of daughters, who learned early that you love Alph, you love MCFC.

    In his youth Alphie played cricket for Hampshire, football for Arbroath (beating Queen of the South in Dumfries : -), GB canoeing squad for the Munich Olympics and some time later, allegedly manager of Yeovil Town FC, leading them fearlessly into complete obscurity.

    Shortly after this he woke up with a hangover.

    Co-founder of the original “Blueview” Izzet, along with the long lost Kippax Street Kid, Alphie has been largely forgiven for his long rambling posts that nobody reads. His cry of “Who’s in the chair, mine’s a pint of Owd Roger’ is as legendary as is his inability to find his wallet and his truly magnificent bulk.


  15. Blend, or as referenced in Welsh folklore, Blend ap Alph.
    Son of Alph and retired slayer of men, legend has it that Blend travelled the globe in his pyjama’s ruthlessly slaying any man to speak ill of Murtaz Shelia.
    It is rumoured that since retiring from the gladiatorial circuit, Blend can be found in the small market town of Izzet-on-the-Wold, Izzetshire, hiding under the guise of Blendda Myfanwy, hardnosed MBS salesman. This is however unverified.
    “I had no idea what I was letting myself in for” – Chuck Norris


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