In the beginning…

…was the word and the word was ‘Izzet’. At some point it got corrupted to ‘Izzett’. You say ‘Izzet’, I say ‘Izzett’, whatever, here’s a history of the most contentious forum since Brutus stabbed Caesar, written by the legendary Alphonso who’s been with us since the inception.


That was the question posed by The Kippax St Kid on a new thread of the now defunct ‘Rivals Blueview’ site back when the ‘ManCity’  involvement in the Manchester Bid Commonwealth Games Stadium was still at the embryonic discussion stages.  Blueview was then a popular multi-thread site. The first poster to respond to Kippo’s question was Alphonso and a lively debate ensued. But most of the posters had the attention span of a gnat and just as a discussion got interesting a new thread would take over.  Accordingly, Alphonso proposed that the ‘Izzet’ thread be kept alive in perpetuity (by a combination of anarchy and sneakiness) and this was enthusiastically agreed. Foul means and much fouler were used to ensure that the Izzet topic was always the automatic open thread on Blueview and so the single rolling thread  of  ‘Izzett’ was born.

The  Rivals server was unused to such anarchy and it crashed. In stepped Blueview administrator Doug Bennett and rescued us with a site of our own tucked away on the Rivals server and named ‘The Izzet Forum’. We rescued as many regulars as possible but saw numbers down from a few hundred to a couple of score and with no obvious means of attracting more. At least the ones who remained were people of like mind.

Rivals became history. Another Izzet regular, Bluevalentine donated a temporary home on his website re-naming the thread ‘Uwe Rosler’s Grandad’ .  This served as an ‘air raid shelter’, allowing us to regroup and find one another whenever a server went belly up under the strain of Izzett activity. Soon Saint Doug resurfaced, providing another permanent home but by now numbers were down to a couple of dozen old faithful; the single thread on Izzet Forum adopted the  ‘Uwe Rosler’s Grandad’ name,  a smirk in the direction of the Swamp Dwellers.

Many crashes have come and gone and the ‘missing in action’  roll includes such old pals  as Kippo* the man who accidentally started it all; Fit Face Chadwick whose leaking of that notorious email led to an apoplectic Kevin Keegan ranting on SKY along the lines that ‘these people on so-called City-supporting websites will be hunted down and shot like dogs’ ( I may have exaggerated but you get the picture). Out there, as I write, there must be ICSL, Hampy, DJBlue, Mark the California Blue, Aussie Blue, Tubi and many more. Lads if you are reading this get in touch. In the early days we even had a couple of Rags, Eric and Bournemouth Rouge who provided a bit of semi-literate ‘needle’.

The legends of General Berko and Captain Dunkirk’s leadership of covert operations (we could tell you but as they say, we’d have to kill you or get sued); the fearless Jens Ensleft on the Swiss border; Bell boy’s stingray PJ’s; Berkozboy’s revelations from the Sheik’s tented encampment; the poetry, the songs, the off-topic, off-the wall discussions all add to the attraction of Izzet  for a particular kind of City Fan.

On the 14th January 2010, Dougie’s site finally closed down for the last time and we re-gathered at fork’n’cork to wring our hands and wail. Happily Izzet arose from the ashes; after a brief relocation at a dodgy pre-fab called Facebook, Valers created and launched this ‘Son of Izzet’ (now spelled Izzett cos Valers never could get it right**) and so we lurch ever onward, a somewhat eccentric enclave of the new and vibrant Manchester City scene.

If you’ve been an Izzeter in a past life or  have just happened across new Izzett, welcome. Please register and login, post or lurk, your choice, and enjoy. All we ask is that you avoid mindless, foul, prurient, offensive trash posts, laugh at Alph’s jokes and read his inordinately long and tedious offerings.



Alphonso Boracic

* Now happily back with us.

** Untrue. had already been bagged by a Turkish folksinger. Valers




This page is dedicated to Blooooooooo, our departed friend from the early Izzet’s days. Taken at a youthful age following a car crash on the M5 leaving a lovely wife, Debbie and a young son, Jack. The condolence log and Debbie’s responses remain and always will remain one of Izzet’s most poignant moments.  Gone but not forgotten.