Uwe Rosler’s Grandad Mk VIII

Open for posting. The Mark VII is ‘read only’.


Listen to Ron Azzurro and his Izzett Allstars (featuring Sylvia Farmer on cornet)  play ‘Blue Moon’. Vocals: Francis Albert Boracic and the Berkobells

408 thoughts on “Uwe Rosler’s Grandad Mk VIII

  1. Re the accountancy thing – I gave it up because I couldn’t stand the excitement.

    And I couldn’t keep my balance (the only accounting joke – such as it is – I know).

  2. Alph – as far as funerals go, I always thought that rather than grieving, we should try to remember the best of times and how lucky we were that the deceased had spent some times in our life. They must have been good, otherwise we wouldn’t be there. No dressing in black, no solemn observances, just a mass piss up and a slap up tea at Mrs. Miggins.
    I’m sure you are remembering your good friend in the same light. Blessings, fella (to the Saintly too).

  3. Alph, we of the  big – nosed tribe have a salutation that we offer to those that have been close to bereavement. It goes “chaim aruchim” The best translation is a wish to the recipient that they enjoy a long, happy and healthy life. I offer this to you and yours and hope that you don’t find it intrusive and inappropriate.

    In anticipation of newbie getting his round in it goes without saying that a warm welcome is extended to Hoozers. Mine’s a pint of Domestos.

    I remain


    The G ‘n’ P gets new signing.
    At last a man who can titilate us on the finest of Victorian edifice’s.
    It is a great tribute to their ingenuity, foresight and quality of work that their superb constructions still form part of the sewerage infrastructure of modern Izzettshire.
    A regular wag was heard to comment “Maybe the new lad can get rid of the smell from the bog while he’s having a quick half”


  5. Today I met Chris Who Izzett.
    Chris will in future be posting as well as lurking and reading and fantasy footballing.  He has broken his duck, Chris is NOT an accountant. For some reason I believed him to be an accountant and was not excercised by his failure to contribute. I love all City fans who are not dong-brained muppets but accountants…..

    In case you don’t know how to tell an extrovert accountant, it’s quite easy, when talking to you he looks at your shoes instead of his own.

     I now learn that Chris is a Civil Engineer and somewhat expert in the design and construction of sewers. Rather appropriate I though for a City fan, where woz you Chris when we were trying to get without Monsieur Charvet or Danny Mills?

    Respect Grin

    We need him, indeed we do.

    Chris old fella, there is no hiding place.
    We knows where yaz livz!

    Today we buried our friend alongside her husband who passed away 25 years ago. It was a brilliant occasion, a church and hall packed with family and frends of someone who made a difference; not by being  powerful, eloquent or rich, but by being the person next to you who just did things. The smiles, the hugs the birthdays never forgotten, the genuine interest in all her friends, and what they were doing. Always there, never intrusive.  Our family won’t look back in maudlin grief for the friend we once shared so much with; we will look forward blessed by the privilege of having known and loved her, sharing with her a sure and certain hope.

    If you got this far thank you for being an audience when I needed to set out something that mattered to me.


  6. bellers, put in context, Ewes win percentage in that chart you posted was 41% (7 from 17)
    The Don has achieved 60% (9 from 15)
    No contest matey. Of course you are correct that if we lose the next two it will equalise but I would counter by saying that if my Auntie had had balls, she’d have been my uncle.

    Blessings bellers LOL

  7. Speaking of people who are “missed” in the genuine sense, where be our Portsmorthian blue?

    Tubi, I knows you iz out there….get that laptop fixed and start posting!

    Jensen out.

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