Uwe Rosler’s Grandad Mk IX

Well, another 400-odd posts chalked off. Seems only yesterday that I started with pen, paper and laptop to plan this site. Good thing is, that ‘touch wood’ the original posts are still intact and visible.

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  1. Bellers,
    Forgot to add….
    I like the way you spelt the old lecher’s name by the way,  if only you had spelt it with a ‘Q’ it would have been nail, hit, head.
    Burlesqueoni, somehow fits the bill entirely!

  2. bell boy wrote: the Italians may be useless at Politics (Burlesconi is proof of that)
    To quote John McEnroe: ‘You cannot be serious?’
    Berlusconi is the  consummate politician. What other job requires you to be a lying, egotistical, avaricious, megalomaniac?
    At least he is up front about his ambitions, not like the media moguls who operate in the UK.

  3. Yes Blooders, the Eurofolk have a distinct edge when it comes to their politicos. I suspect that this is less to do with how their parliaments are hung and more to do with how their vain heads of state are hung. Over there old Theresa May or Margaret Beckett would barely qualify to run the gift shop.
    My Tory agent chum whom I’ve mentioned previously is a huge fan of Nadine Dorries (Bedfordshire Mid). He tells of a time when some florrid faced whip was attemtping to man-handle her through the voting lobby. She perched herself up to her full 5’2″ , looked up to his 6’3″ and declared ” lay them mits on me once more and I’ll fuckin’ deck yer!”

    That’s the true spirit of Modern Conservatism.

    I remain


  4. Axeman, the Italians may be useless at Politics (Burlesconi is proof of that) but they know a thing or two about naked women.

  5. You have to feel some sympathy for the Lib Dems.
    They campaign on the differnces in policy between them and the other 2. Now to get a sniff of power they will have to support either one of them.
    Tough when you have said niether can be trusted.
    Tougher still when the one you would prefer to support is the weaker of the 2 and the one you’d least like to hop into political bed with is the stronger.

  6. Mon General,
    I always had yo down as fan of the Blessed Margaret of Grantham?
    However, none of your selection even come close to Italian right winger Mara Carfagna

  7. Well, another term ends and I feel much more heartened by the landscape over Eastlands than I do the one over Westminster. Still, at least we share something with the losing parties; both the socialists and the bleeding hearts are clinging by their grubby fingernails to the top table with the same sense of bogus achievement that saw us gain a Euro spot when finishng 9th.

    It would be naively utopian to hope that Dave and co. say to the vile celt ” Go on Gordy, you have a go with the other losers. Me and my 305 chums will watch for a while”. Then when the honeymoon ends and both are roundly discredited by their fans the Blue army takes the autumn election with a 70 seat majority.

    By that time our own Blue army will also be fullfilling its true promise as a top 3 EPL side. The thing is that there were at least 7 games last term from which  we should have got more than we did but I can barely count the number where we came away with more than we should. In other words it would take little more than an 9% swing to Blue to see us challenge for serious honours.

    Even the hapless Torygirl in Bury South managed that in coming second and she was appaling. However, on more elevated matters it is worth noting that in Esther McVey(Wirral South), Nicola Blackwood (Oxford West), Charlotte Leslie (Bristol NW), Priti Patel (Witham) and Liz Truss (Norfolk NW), we have the best totty on the block.

    I remain


  8. Now that it’s all over, i feel the need to write a swift season round up.
    What it comes down to is that City just missed the 72 points that we agreed earlier in the season would be a good return.
    Had we got to 72, it would probably be us not Spurs in the Champs league.
    It’s a small margin of failure but i see it as failure nontheless.
    We had a massive oppotunity, in effect a Cup final at home, and we failed to grasp it.
    Overall we have done quite well, clearly better than ever before in the Prem but considering our current squad and resources, nothing special.
    On the player front not many have exceeded expectations.
    Tevez has,  Bellamy too and DJ.
    Aside from them Kompo and Zab have done really well but i can’t think of anyone else from the main squad who shouldn’t be thinking that they could have done more. I would have said that AJ had done really well too but he didn’t seem to show up in a few of the really big games. I guess that’s to be expected but if we are to be where we want to be this time next season, we will need a few more than 5 or 6 to have good seasons.
    Many have valid reasons or excuses and have had some good games but not enough to say they had a good season.
    The biggest disappointment is Irish but who knows what has gone wrong there. A few others like Santa,  Lescott, Toure and Bridge have been a bit iffy at times and niether Given nor Barry were as dominant as i had hoped.
    It’s just a personal observation and i expect others to have differing views.
    We are looking well set for next season, provided we can keep the main part of the squad together and strengthen here and there.
    Even if we do that, it’s hard to believe we will have a better opportunity to get amongst the big boys.

  9. Pissebleu wrote: Have a good summer – Any forcasts on how “Inger – land will do ?         Mine is quarter-finals.
    Semi-finals and penalties as usual.
    Against Argentina; Shrek to miss , Carlito to bag the decider.

  10. Well guys – didn’t see match yesterday only caught MOTD.
    Now for next season with a few positives from this one.
     Its been a season of many positives for me,highest points tally in the Premier League for us,first semi final for nearly 30 years,Carlos Tevez sensational scoring form,qualified for Europe of our own back,undefeated home and away against 3 of the “sky 4″, including a double over Chelsea(only Premier League team to do so,and only Prem team to win at Stamford Bridge) joint fewest number of defeats over the season alongside the Champions(if only we could have turned some of those early draws into wins!) the signing of Adam Johnson,one of the brightest young talents in English football, and the emergence of a couple more of the Academy graduates into first team squad members. We will no doubt see a clear out of a number of fringe players this summer,and the purchase of better players to replace them and strenghten the squad,and I for one am looking forward to next season with anticipation of an even better season!

    Have a good summer – Any forcasts on how “Inger – land will do ?
    Mine is quarter-finals.

  11. You can say that again IOM.
    I made my selection on Fri night and had a bit of a shock when Bellette said about Frank handing over the pen taking on Sun AM.
    I figured that both you and she would have picked Drog anyway, so the boring option would be for me to have done the same.
    As it was the final week, i decided to go the more adventurous route with Lamps, even though there was a slight risk if Drog filled his boots.
    I was delighted when Frank took the first Pen athough i can’t figure out why the assist disappears if the guy who wins the Pen also takes it.
    When Drog threw a strop, i figured  it was all over for him. The second half hat-trick was a bit of a surprise and did have me worried. Had Drog scored both Pens it would have been very close. However, giving him 3 bonus points was a bad decision, in my opinion. He had a poor first half and Lamps was their star player.
    Anyway, it was an interesting exercise. Sometimes great fun and often very frustrating. Best of all, Bellette chose not to dump me, I figure Chelsea winning the Prem softened the blow for her.
    I shall now retire from ff to keep my record and legend, intact. Wink

  12. 96 days ’til the new season..

    Well done Bellers – your heart must have been in your mouth when Lampard started giving penalties away!LOL

    I see we’re linked with Gerrard this morning, I hope not. Apart from the hundreds of other reasons not to buy him £40 mill is far too much

    We could have a first to leave competition – my money is on Bellamy

  13. Blenders,

    I have no problem with the assertion that 2 new FB’s better than the ones we have now would be an asset and for certain we need another left back, but the spine has to function for anything to work and the CH’s have beeen unconvincing. Against Spuds King and Dawson were almost faultless, Kompo and Toure did OK but left my heart in my mouth on occasions. I do not think Toure has the attributes of a top class CH any more and I’d let him go. Boy Otter is still too inexperienced and that means we need at least one and maybe two CH’s to enable Mankers to find the best combination and still have top class cover. We are going to have 60/65 games remember. If Kompo and Les make a great pairing I will be very happy about it, if not we need a plan B and we don’t have a viable one if Toure is half of it.

    I have a feeling it’s going to be a long summer.

    Thank goodness the WC will shorten it Grin

  14. Just wait till next season when I start at the beginning instead of half way through Blooders Grin
    Mind you, I am continually amazed at that sad git bellers encyclopaedic knowledge of the ins and out of the subtle nuances of the rules and tactics surrounding Fanta. The man is a legend and Bellette must be the same.

    Their long winter evenings must fly by………
    I really do not think that the likes of you and me could get that anal, Blooders.
    Well, I couldn’t anyway 8)

  15. Alphonso Boracic 71 points in the Fanta!
    I demand a recount.

  16. Cup of tea?
    Oh! yes please,
    Would you like one of those jammy do-nuts?
    No, I think i’ll have that nice Chelsea!
    Mmmm It’s been a nice day.

  17. Agreed. There’s no point in us bringing in anyone who doesn’t have the potential to be better than what we have, but I’m happy with the Les and Kompo combo and Toure is decent cover. I would prefer that we look to bring in 2 quality full backs and I think then you’ll see pressure taken of the CB’s and they will really start to look the part. As good as Zabba and Bridge are, I don’t think they’re quite good enough and I think it’s more important that we get those 2 positions sorted than concentrate on the CB’s.
    BTW, one thing I noticed, http://www.premierleague.com/page/Headlines/0,,12306~2047045,00.html now it must be tough for the lad, but is Harry serious: “Can you imagine what his life has been like? He has treatment all day and he is doing recovery work.” It must be a really, really tough life to be paid £50k a week to go to the gym!!!

  18. Quote
    Jase, you’ve missed out Lescott, who I think will be good enough and I also would have Kompany at centre back any day of the week.

    Mistake by omission Blenders, I agree that Lescott is good enough to be kept and also that Kompo and Les are probably good enough to grow into a top class pairing. However, we need at least one replacement (for Toure) and arguably two new CH’s and it makes no sense to accept anything that doesn’t seem at least to have the promise to be better than what we have already. Jerome Boateng and David Luiz for instance; young and maybe not immediately ready to storm the PL but they have great quality.

  19. Jase, you’ve missed out Lescott, who I think will be good enough and I also would have Kompany at centre back any day of the week.
    I came back from my Ultralase pre-op today. Laser eye surgery booked in for 12th June. I can’t wait to be able to see properly. Any of you guys had it done before?

  20. Ive done a pic of our battle bus and emailed it to Vallers for inclusion in the photo section.
    Hopefully it will come out ok when it is enlarged, I try my best but im no PC geek 8)

  21. A football post Alph.
    I’ve been concentrating on angst and misery, haven’t really had much time to spare on constructive thought. I cannot really argue with your logic, put another way I guess you are re-stating what you have said before which is that inevitably, some of our squad are good enough to be starters next season, some are good enough to play when necessary and some are not.

    Adding to your analysis, and I agree with the groupings you make, I am happy to see a match day side as follows:

    Zabaleta, xxxxx, xxxxx, xxxxx
    Johnson(A), DeJong, xxxxx, xxxxx
    ……………..Tevez,  xxxxx

    Bench From: Given, Richards, Kompany, Bridge, Barry, SWP, Adebayor, Bedlamy

    I am happy to keep Ireland, Nielsen, Richards, Onuoha, Boyata, Ibrahim, Cunningham and Nimely in the first team squad.

    OK, so 6 new faces and 5 old ones starting is probably too much change too soon, but the incomers must be better than what we have and not just good cover for them.

    The ones who need to leave are Garrido, Sylvinho, Vieira,  Petrov, Santa Cruz, Toure (if we can get in two good CH’s) and all of the  players who are out on loan. Additionally I would not be dismayed if SWP, Ireland and Richards went but I would like to keep Nedum who I feel has a great deal to offer and is getting better every time I see him. He is a level headed lad and is a terrific role model for the Academy lads.

    20 of the existing set up and  6 new players better than the current ones and that will be an awesome squad. Not all of the new incomers will fit in straight away and it will be a process, all of those players will have their chances.


  22. Time to dust of the mini-bus and get it serviced Berko.
    Count me in!


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