Uwe Rosler’s Grandad Mk X

Well you lot have been making a sorry hash of things while I’ve been Down Under. Can’t leave you alone for a minute.

A hung parliament. A loss to ‘Appy ‘Arry the Cheeky Chappie. Couldn’t get a link for this game in my holiday residence in the boonies. Stuck with 2 Spurs supporters on tour too. Sat up in bed at 4.30, drinking O’Leary Walker Polish Hill River Riesling in between text messages from home.

Mancini is buying Gerrard, Torress, Higuain, Aguera right? Me, I’m buying McLaren Vale shiraz 2010 when it comes out – gonna be a brilliant year.

Onwards and upwards,



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  1. I can’t edit on this Satellite Broadband up here in Scotland.

    Please note that the final line of the last post

    Well! maybe I am

    Was not on the original and my deep cover is still intact Wink


  2. Well put Valers, (re MVF that is).

    The Repooblik of Mancloonier are currently caught betwen raving about the lunacy of City’s spending and sounding awfully jealous

    There has been a voice of reason though Wink

    On the following Thread:

    Re: Toure to city for 25 MILL…LMFAO!!!

    There’s some laughable comments on this thread really guys!
    City have 40 midfielders do they?
    I’ll give a bottle of Krug to anyone who can name them (and I don’t count the U14′s)

    I have a programme from the home derby last season and I have it in front of me.
    Barry, DeJong, Ireland, Wright-Phillips, Bedlamy, (Petrov, Robinho moved on) so add to that Vieira, Adam Johnson and now Yaya Youre and David Silva.

    By my count that’s nine pretty useful players of which five would start pretty regularly for United if they were on the books.

    What is so daft about City’s transfer policy?
    Sparky brought in case hardened and effective premiership players and lifted the club a level. Mancin inherited and organised these and took them to 5th place. Now they are strengthening in the areas they were least effective with very good young players. Toure and Silva are in their prime and Boateng is 21 and already a WC semi finalist!

    If City get Dzeko, and so far they have got the players thay have gone for it seems, they will have Dzeko, Tevez, Adebayor and the sicknote Santa Cruz to choose from up front.

    They are likely to have two of the best keepers in the league in Given and Hart and if Mancini gets that Serbian LB he’s supposed to be after, plus any two from Toure(K), Lescott and Kompany get their act together at CH, their defence could be very mobile and effective.

    They will have 8 players who made it to the knockout stages of the WC.



    Well! maybe I am LOL


  3. The Repubik of Mancuntia are going nuts trying to bring Forlorn Dago back. He’s 31 for godssakes , they had him once, let him go cos he couldn’t cut it. Yet you get morons sayinbg “I’m sure Siralex would love it”. How desperately sad is that?

    This pre-season has been so good I almost wish the real sttuff never starts.

  4. Hello, keeper.

    Headline in Daily Express


  5. Quote: What he (MVF) had was immense presence, he was big he drove the side forward, he passed well AND he scored and missed loads of goals BECAUSE he got into positions to do so.

    Well, sounds like a great player to me. And, personally, I thought MVF was a great player and you can sort of tell from the first comment that he was a great human being.
    As B.Behan said “Fuck the begrudgers”

  6. Just had a glimpse, It’s almost identical to this years, slightly different neck in sky blue and a panel design on the front.
    From 25 yards you would never tell.
    Maybe Blenda with his new bionic peepers could?

  7. City shirts are now £10 on the official site shop!
    We must be launching another set soon?
    something plain and traditional please

  8. I don’t think the club ever committed to its own Testimonial match, I can’t find any reference to one, but it did make a corporate gift to the Charity set up to run the Testimonial that was played mostly under the auspices of the PFA. The money raised in corporate and individial gifts plus the testimonial (above) and the funds from the Confederation Cup amounted to more than £2m. This went to support his foundation which helped youth football development in Cameroon. The City donation was, (as far as I can recall) around £150,000.

    Scanning through the archives I found this from the Telegraph a few years ago and was shocked at the way RM appear to have treated a testimonial for their great Hungarian striker Ferenc Puskas, who was permanently hospitalised, suffering from Alzheimers and flat stone broke, his exploits having taken place in the era of minimal wages.


    MVF divided opinions like many other ‘individualist’ players have in the past; Freddie Kanoute, Paolo Wanchoppe, Manu Adebayor all come to mind.

    Here are two contrasting Opinions from MCVTA printed at the time. Whilst I find one of them distateful, I make no other comment. I leave it to you to decide.

    I was never Marc Vivian Foe’s greatest fan but that doesn’t matter any more, what does matter is that the world and more importantly his family and friends have lost a really nice man and father.
    My respect for the man changed when my son Nathan and daughter Laura attended the spring soccer school at Platt lane and Foe turned up after training to present well over 100 kids with their trophies. He shook every hand and did it all with his booming smile on his face. He was then surrounded by all these kids and signed autographs for ever single one that presented a piece of paper, shirt or whatever. He still didn’t walk off, he stopped to talk to the coaching staff and looked to be enjoying himself, he seemed to have time for everyone.
    We all think football is an important part of our lives but it is sad occasions like this that really put things into perspective.
    The prayers of all football fans go out to all Marc’s family and friends.  End Quote
    Opinion 2
    They say that you shouldn’t speak ill of the dead and normally I would hold that in good stead but these over the top histrionics need balancing.

    He wasn’t a City player.
    He never gave the impression that he was a great player.
    Second highest goalscorer on nine goals says more about the rest of the squad than it does about Marc.
    The people on the terraces (as well as the readership of this fine organ… see MCIVTAs passim) were not exactly enamoured with him and I suspect that management were not exactly falling over themselves to sign him.
    And I think it went part way to explaining why Joey Barton signed two improved contracts towards the tail end of the year.

    Neil Young struggled for years on the breadline without even a kiss my ass from City’s board or majority of fans so let’s not start talking of tributes and whip rounds for a journeyman who earned more in a week than I do in a year.  End Quote

    It wasn’t that MVF was a great player, he wasn’t or at 28 he wouldn’t have been playing for City at that time. What he had was immense presence, he was big he drove the side forward, he passed well AND he scored and missed loads of goals BECAUSE he got into positions to do so.


  9. Alph- My original post was a little bit ‘tongue in cheek’ and did not defend racism in Spanish football.In fact, I was at the match in Madrid that you refer to,and felt sickened by the chants ,aimed mainly at SWP, but the English press seemed to think it was aimed at Ferdinand & A,Cole!! I have no idea if this still goes on.
    Your mention of MVF reminds me how opinion was divided that summer as to whether we should sign him or not. I was of the opinion that we should, but that was not to be. The club made lots of noises regarding a testimonial game & help for his family, but apart from a few players taking part in a game in France, I don’t recall any support from mcfc.

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